Introducing Onatah Fibers™
Onatah, (pronounced, “oh-nah-TAH”) by Iroquois legend, is the goddess and beloved daughter of Mother Earth. According to Iroquois mythology, she was kidnapped by the Lord of the Underworld, but eventually escaped and reunited with her mother. Onatah Fibers is named for and inspired by this goddess’ story of perserverence
and bravery.

Produced from the tobacco plant itself, Onatah Fibers repurposes tobacco waste to make eco-conscious fabrics and apparel. Currently under development, Onatah Fibers plans to be introduced in the near future. We consider Onatah, along with our Avani Dyes, to be a paradigm shift in the textile industry.

Our Mission
Ploughboy Organics’ mission and commitment is to support sustainable agricultural practices
and responsible manufacturing process from the field to the
finished product.
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